Professional Crisis Management (PCM) is a form of crisis management that focuses on crisis prevention and intervention. It is a way of managing crises and severe behavioral episodes using behavioral principles and specifically reinforcing de-escalation.

We have experienced and certified PCMA trainers on staff. Our trainers area also clinicians working in the field, successfully treating severe behavior disorders such as aggression and self-injurious behavior.

We work with group homes, day programs, hospitals, developmental centers, mental hospitals, schools, and we attend workshops and conventions.

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Our Programs

All our programs are competency-based, with instruction, rehearsal, and feedback until the student has demonstrated competence in the procedures.

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Basic Practitioner

14 hours of training that focuses on preventing and de-escalating problem behaviors, transport and personal safety procedures

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Practitioner 1

18 hours of training that includes everything in Basic plus vertical immobilization procedures

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Practitioner 2

22 hours of training that includes everything in Practitioner 1 plus horizontal immobilization

Why PCM?

  • PCM was designed by behavior analysts, and uses ABA principles to manage behavioral crises safely and effectively. It fosters seamless integration between ongoing programming and crisis management.

  • PCM relies heavily on preventive and de-escalation procedures to lower the likelihood of a crisis in the first place. It specifically reinforces calm behavior and de-escalation.

  • PCM does not rely on coercive procedures, or painful or awkward holds to manage problem behavior, it emphasizes humanity and maintaining dignity of all individuals.



 We primarily work in the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area, but can train remotely as well.  Contact us for details & other locations.


We offer competitive prices.  The price depends upon the level of certification required plus materials. We are able to train groups with as few as 3 people or as many as 10; the price is the same regardless of whether there are 3, 5, or 10 people being trained. If the agency trains their staff up to Practitioner 2, they will also need to purchase a mat.  We can provide one at cost or can recommend suitable mats that the agency can purchase on its own.