Why ABA? 

ABA Therapy is cited as the most evidence-based treatment for autism by the Center for Disease Control, the Center for Autism, and the National Autism Center.

Why Pyles & Associates?

Our treatment is always individualized to the child’s needs. Adjustments to treatment are made based on the child’s unique characteristics, and treatment grows and evolves with the child’s progress. We provide a team of clinicians for each client, and we hold biweekly team meetings to assess the child’s progress. 

We can conduct services in your home, on community outings, or in our new state-of-the-art clinic!

Our team is composed of experienced, educated, and dedicated people who love what they do! All of our therapists are Registered Behavior Technicians that receive weekly supervision from our senior staff. Our staff are encouraged to pursue higher education in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis and required to stay up to date with the latest ABA technologies, research, and practices.

Child jumping

Wondering if your child may benefit from ABA?

Early Childhood Development

graph depicting early childhood development over time
  • Children who receive ABA therapy at early ages show dramatic increases in the rate of development. 

  • ABA therapy provides many more learning opportunities per day than children who do not receive therapy. This increases how quickly they learn, and helps close the gap between their developmental age and their chronological age.

  • Up to 40% of children who receive ABA therapy at an early age can transition to a general education classroom (Lovaas, 1987)

This graph is hypothetical and does not represent a guarantee of rates of development in ABA therapy


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